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Rockit Music

Rockit Music VInyl - "Rage Quit"

Rockit Music VInyl - "Rage Quit"

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Check out Rockit Music's "Rage Quit" Vinyl for all your grooving and head-banging needs! Let the tunes of their 12 greatest tracks carry you away and never let you down. Satisfy your musical cravings with this sweet, sweet vinyl, guaranteed to take you on a wild journey!


SIDE A - "Rockit's Mix"

  1. Rainbows in the Dark
  2. Doors
  3. Total Insecurity
  4. Devil in a Box
  5. Dark
  6. Glitchtrap

SIDE B - "Vinny's Mix"

  1. One Bite
  2. Pain (The Quarry)
  3. Lies
  4. Purple (Rainbow Friends)
  5. Every Body
  6. Friends
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